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MCDC 2015-16 (Public Site)


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Welcome to the MCDC 2015-2016 public site!

 The theme of the MCDC 2015-16 is the Interoperability for Future Combined Joint Operations. While the last MCDC 2013-14 campaign was focused on developing the capabilities required to project combined forces into an operational area with sufficient freedom of action to accomplish their mission, MCDC 2015-20 further investigate the capabilities required to plan and execute globally integrated operations across geographic, national, and organizational boundaries. Nowadays Nations are required to apply a global comprehensive approach in order to successfully interoperate with other countries and organizations, coordinating and leveraging the resources and the capabilities of traditional and non-traditional partners against a wide range o fhumanitarian, military, economic and other national security challenges. The MCDC 2015-20 program is organized as a series of operational cycles (2015-16, 2017-18, 2019-20), each focusing on a specific topic of interest identified by the community.
MCDC 2015-16 focus on building and maintaining regional security. In fact Multinational and coalition partners must have the capability to successfully plan and execute globally integrated efforts to build and maintain regional security, using a global comprehensive approach, in those areas where they have mutual direct and indirect national interest to prevent, deter, mitigate or respond to destabilizing events and activities.
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